Who is the parent of the child in a gay relationship?
How can a gay couple be considered as the parent of the child?

You are the partner in a gay relationship who has donated your sperm to a woman and she has been artificially inseminated with the sperm.  A child is born.

You may be the biological father of the child, however, you and your partner have no rights in relation to the child.  You will not automatically be deemed to be the other parents of the child.  You will only be able to see the child if you apply for orders in the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court seeking a declaration that you are in fact a significant person in the life of the child and then an order to reflect the status and the time the child will spend with you.

The best path today for a gay couple to raise a child is by adopting a child by an order of court or by non commercial surrogacy.

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