Removal of discrimination

Same sex couples can enjoy the same benefits as heterosexual couples.  Equality of treatment has removed the discrimination that existed.

Legislative changes over the years at Commonwealth and State level have assisted same sex couples in areas relating to taxation, superannuation, social security, family assistance, pharmaceutical benefits, medicare safety net, aged care, veteran’s entitlements, citizenship and child support.  You should seek advice from the relevant government departments if any such issues are relevant to you.

The prejudice and discrimination that exited in the past is now brought into modern day thought processing in the family law area of parenting.  If you are presently in a same sex relationship but your child was born in a previous heterosexual relationship you may be worried about losing parenting rights and fear that a court will favour the heterosexual parent in any custody battles.

You need legal advice on all such matters.  Fay will discuss your concerns to move forward in a positive way.

Fay Frischer

Fay Frischer is a highly experienced solicitor dealing in family and relationship law, property and Wills and Estates. She is a highly respected and caring solicitor with over 41 years of legal experience. As well as running her boutique legal practice in Sydney since 1991.