Separating from your partner is highly emotional. You may consider consulting a health professional to assist you in coming to terms with the emotional stages of the breakdown of the relationship.

You will also need to consider for the future the practical aspects of the separation which may include the following issues:

  • Perhaps recording by email, text or letter the date of separation so you and your partners are clear and agree on the date
  • Where you and the children will live on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Financial support for you and the children
  • Payment of the household bills such as the rent, the mortgage, the rates and utilities
  • How you will divide between you and your partner the bank accounts
  • How you will divide between you and your partner the cars, the house, the superannuation and other property
Fay Frischer

Fay Frischer is a highly experienced solicitor dealing in family and relationship law, property and Wills and Estates. She is a highly respected and caring solicitor with over 41 years of legal experience. As well as running her boutique legal practice in Sydney since 1991.